Smart Air Tag Wallet with RFID

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    100 % Genuine Leather

    We make our wallets from high-grade leather for durability and quality. We use premium leather and aluminum, carefully sewn expert craftsmanship, to ensure long-lasting durability. It comes in various

colors: Dark Chocolate Brown, Rich Cedar Brown, and Premium Carbon Fiber.

           Multifunctional Wallet with Eject Feature

              Our minimalist wallet has a unique design, held closed by magnets and an opening from the side with the AirTag slot outside. It serves as a wallet or even as a cardholder. With its compact design, our wallet holds four credit cards, an ID and has a trifold for your banknotes. We designed our wallet with an ergonomic tab on the side, which, when pushed, smoothly slides your cards out of their slots for ease of use.

            Unique Built-In Case for AirTag

    Our wallet is specifically designed for the Apple AirTag, snug fit, leaving no gaps. There's a dedicated pace for an AirTag that won't take up extra space inside the wallet or create dimples or protrusions.

            RFID Blocker!

               RFID blocking technology will keep those unwanted readers out of your wallet! Protect your financial information with our wallet!

             Alleviates Anxiety from Lost wallets

     There is nothing more awful than that bolt of anxiety you feel when you tap your pockets and cannot locate your wallet. We have put this problem to rest. Now, you can quickly find your wallet anywhere with an iPhone.

             Minimalist Airtag Case

    Beautifully crafted from genuine leather and aluminum, it has a minimalist design for men who want a sleek leather wallet without sacrificing functionality.


    Brighten someone's day! Give the Smart AirTag wallet as gifts for Father's Day, Anniversary, Birthday,  Christmas and more! Please note that our Airtag mount does not come with an Apple Airtag.

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